Resfeber. A swedish word with a beautiful meaning. It’s the restless race of the traveller’s heart before the journey begins. A new word for me, but the meaning is something I’ve experienced – I love to experience.

I’ve been blessed with so many travel opportunities Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah); China, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Morocco, Portugal, Spain amongst many other places. Each one has a separate story they but all began with Resfeber. 

There’s so many things out there to see, so many things undiscovered, so many things never to be discovered. I want to be out there, experiencing and appreciating the blessings of the world. I have been out there Alhamdulillah, which is more than lots of people. It’s that desire to peregrenate; to travel or wander around from place to place. To see things that aren’t on a screen or words from someone’s mouth. To be able to be the one speaking those words. Reliving the story you once lived as you describe the good, the bad, but ultimately the best experiences you’ve had. All that contained euphoria spilling out as you recall everything that happened.

I wonder how many of us at the same time have that feeling. That excitement. That anticipation. That resfeber.


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