My Favourite Foods

It makes sense that my first blog post was going to be about food…considering I’m fasting!

My favourite item of food is olives. I know there’s so many people who can’t stand them but me? I love them! Between, green and black plain olives I prefer the black ones. I’ve recently  found the green ones to be a bit too…I can’t think of the word, strong? Vinegary? Just a bit too.
Now, black olives are the perfect balance between a strong flavour and a light flavour. They have a nice duringtaste and leave a nice aftertaste!

However, when it comes to olives that have spices, I prefer green olives. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever actually tasted spicy black olives but either way, as a whole, spicy green olives are my favourite!

My favourite dish, obviously containing olives, is called Dajjaaja Wa Zaytoon. It’s a Moroccan dish consisting of Dajjaaja (chicken), Zaytoon (olives) and the recipe we use has a wonderful addition of chips! It all comes together in a steaming soupy tagine, the aromas filling the atmosphere. (I’m sorry if you’re reading this whilst fasting too.)

Onto dessert.

Over the years, as my tastebuds have developed, my favourite dessert has been ever changing. I struggle to pick favourites all the time so instead of struggling to come up with one, I’ve written a list:

1.) Cheesecake – My mum’s cheesecake to be precise. A digestive biscuit base, cream cheese filling and topped with summer fruits. A balance of sweet and sour combined with the crunchy biscuit base makes for a tastebud sensation! There’s really nothing like good homemade cooking!

2.) Ice Cream – Mint chocolate chip! Not homemade but definitely worth it! I’m not a huge chocolate fan, I find too much makes me feel queasy so when it’s little chunks (or chips) every now  and then, it’s a nice treat.

3.) Rasmalai! – A typical Asian dessert, the milk being my favourite part. I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t liked it. A great addition to weddings and parties.

So, that’s my first post. I hope you enjoyed it, I know I go on a bit..particularly when I’m hungry!

Thank you for reading!


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